Whale Watching in Brisbane


Are you looking for the perfect visual pleasure? Check this out.

What can you say about the experience of watching this humungous creature finding its way in this vast volume of water who is innocently jumping up and down of its place probably due to excitement? Do you have an idea of what I'm talking about?

Definitely, seeing humpback whales flying meters up and back to their home-land (aptly, home-water) is an exhilarating experience of a lifetime. It's considered a unique happening, because it's a miracle seeing humpback whales in your garden pool or lakes.


Of course, this feature is useless if it cannot be experienced in nowhere else but the majestic Brisbane. This feature of the city is just another important point that proves Brisbane as a city that offers more than it is supposed to give. Whale watching season is scheduled from June to November.


Whale Watching in Brisbane

Note these months, and pack your cameras with you and document your massive journey as you visit Brisbane and sail to the Moreton Bay where you

can cherish the wildlife experience. Click those cameras while the great humpback whales jump and slap their tails and blow in midair.

Brisbane Whale Watching, located in the Redcliffe Peninsula, continuously operates whale watching tours for eight years. It features Eye-Spy, a vessel which is practically devoted to whale watching in the waters. The “whale-friendly” vessel can accommodate to more than 300 passengers and includes

six outdoor viewing decks and an indoor floor-to-ceiling glass that provides views of the seascape. For children who are whale enthusiasts, the cruise welcomes children to partake in this important experience. The cruise also has an available access for the disabled. All in all, the tour offers its guests the following: cruise, waiting area, car park, guides that offer commentary, toilet, pick-up and meal. This marine wildlife viewing is nonetheless an educational tour and a taste of adventure wrapped in one.

If you're looking for a different whale watching experience outside but not just near Brisbane, you can try visiting to the Gold Coast and taste what they

can offer. One of their priced service tours is the Sea World Whale Watch which currently offers the latest state of the art vessel. It also includes an interactive whale location technology which can be viewed through a 3D animation presentation. Another Gold Coast whale-watching service is the Australian Whale Watching tour wherein guests can get near the majestic humpback through their viewing decks. They can also hear the humpbacks through the hydrophones.