Weather in Brisbane


For those who want to escape away from the extremities of nature may choose to fly aboard and visit the comfortable and sub-tropical weather

of Brisbane. Summers in Brisbane are enjoyably hot and winters aren't that cold enough to force you to wear seven-layer outfits. This magnificent feature of Brisbane has been constantly attracting would-be visitors around the globe.

Enjoying the summer sun of Brisbane may put you over top. A summer that is maximized up to thirty degrees Celsius may sound desirable because it means that summer isn't synonymous to Satan's hometown. However, one should always take note the importance of skin protection such as sunscreen, hats and other protective clothing. No one really knows what's embracing those sun's rays anyway. It's always better to give one's self the benefit of the doubt sometime. The good news is winter in Brisbane has always been mild and pleasant: the average temperature is around seventeen degrees Celsius and is mostly sunny.


Weather in Brisbane
Rains are also evident in the city, garnering a monthly rainfall of 96 millimeters. In this section is the indicative historical weather information of Brisbane. Take note that this isn't a forecast; it just shows the average, as well as the maximum and minimum information as based to the past year's observations.
During the summer, from December to February, the average temperature is 24.8 degrees Celsius, with the maximum average temperature of 29.2 degrees Celsius and minimum average temperature of 20.4 degrees Celsius. Monthly rains' average is 150.44 mm and wind speed average is 10.9 km/h.

Autumn months, March to May, on the other hand, has an average temperature of 21.1 degrees Celsius, maximum average temperature of 25.8

degrees Celsius and minimum average temperature of 16.4 degrees Celsius. Monthly rains are averaged to 102.3 mm while wind speed is 9.2 km/h.
Winter months are from June to August, experiencing an average temperature of 15.6 degrees Celsius, maximum average temperature of 21.2 degrees Celsius, and minimum average temperature of 10.1 degrees Celsius. Rains are definitely lower, only 56.7 mm a month. Wind speed is averaged to 9.4 km/h.

The months of September, October and November comprise the Spring season. The mean average temperature of this period is 20.8 degrees Celsius, while the maximum average temperature is 26.0 degrees Celsius and the minimum average temperature is 15.6 degrees Celsius. Rainfalls usually

average to 73 mm a month while the wind speed is 10.6 km/h.