Brisbane Waterfront


Some of Brisbane's majestic treasures set adrift in one of its most famous attractions: the Waterfront. Aside from acquiring the name in one among Queensland State's important office towers, which stands up high at 162 meters (532 feet) and serves as home for big names like Microsoft, MEL Consultants, Ernst & Young and other established companies, the Waterfront is definitely a site for enjoyment and relaxation amidst the busy atmosphere of the Central Business District.


Thanks to the harbor and water views that set up a lighter mood of the whole environment, stressful working days can easily be alleviated with Waterfront's wide array of choices for people who are looking for a temporary escape.

Brisbane families and visitors may choose for a temporary stay at the Winnum by the Bay, a remarkable place of escape, convenience, comfort and relaxation from the busy life that the city offers.

Brisbane Waterfront

The fully furnished house offers an overlooking of the secluded garden and the bay while inhaling the cool breeze. Its majestic amenities include a

cozy couch, a relaxing shower room, a fully-equipped kitchen and of course, the cable-equipped entertainment tube alongside a number of DVD titles. Taking a walk in the area is nothing more but pure bliss.

What about a fantastic stay in the Oceanside Mansions, a house accommodation that caters from short term (including holidays) to long term house rentals? This is Waterfront in the most literal sense, with the place actually reaching out into the waterfront Pacific Ocean views, serving as a big net to

the sea breezes. Visitor need to be warned though as no single room isnít blessed with a terrific view of the ocean blue.

Others may rather choose to share gastronomical satisfaction with friends in restaurants located in the Waterfront. Among these famous places is Pee Wee's at the Point Restaurant and Function Complex, situated in East Point Nature Reserve. Offering views across the bay, this restaurant has tucked numerous recognitions under its forks and utensils, including Best Restaurant and Best Cafe in the 1999 and the 2002 Golden Plate Award. It offers a whopping choice of exotic and local entrees, mouth-watering delicacies, desserts and a long selection of wines.

Another noteworthy place to spend the night away, the Waterfront Bristo in Fannie Bay serves seafood as its specialty. It is located in the Darwin Sailing Club, serving a spectacular view of the sunsets as well as those of electrifying lightning storms. Hearty eating and beer drinking is a popular choice among customers while enjoying the cool sea breeze, with the place surrounded by palms and red flowers and the Club's collection of maritime memorabilia.


The sight of yachters sailing along the waves is also a perfect reference for relaxation. Tummies would easily be filled by the bistro's mix of specialties which include fried chili prawns, calamari and oysters. To give more honor to the laid back spot of Brisbane, enjoy an hour slowly eating a slice of tiramisu or mud cake an a scoop of ice cream.