The Brisbane Mansions


The Brisbane Mansions, built during the late colonial Victorian period

in 1889 are considered very important landmarks in Queensland's

Cultural Heritage. These six three-storey residential terrace houses

are located in 40 George Street, near the Parliament House and are significant for their prestigious aesthetic contribution in the streetscape.

The Mansions, which are on the exact opposite of the Conrad

International Hotel, have passed through time, but have been religiously renovated while attempting to preserve the Victorian feel that its classical terrace and verandas remain as breathtaking scenes to tenants and visitors who expect for a remarkable and memorable stay and sleep in

the place.


The responsibility of such commendable aesthetics and prestigious housing were shouldered by architect G.H.M. Addison, a commissioned work for the investment of a group of politicians namely Premier Boyd Morehead, Treasurer William Pattison and John Stevenson.

The Brisbane Mansions

Influenced by Victorian buildings with Italian classical motifs, the Mansions are dominated by red brickwork ornamented with Oamaru limestone. Other important pieces are the two cats placed on the top of the parapet of the building facing the George Street which appear like Gargoyles overlooking the streetscape. Majority of its interiors have been refurbished through time with only a little of the original architecture remaining. Much of the alterations

were made in the layout to accommodate other tenants aside from the residential. Ceilings were also lowered to give room for air-conditioning and elevators and other modern facilities were also installed.

Before turning over the property to the government in 1954, the Mansions were passed over to different owners and have been a place for different functions. Its first group of tenants is composed of three medical doctors including Queensland’s first female medical doctor and surgeon, Lilian Violet Cooper, who has experienced much prejudice in the then-male dominated medical world but has been determined and successful in the field that she

has chosen. She opened her own clinic at the age of 30 in her residence in the Mansions. Another important resident in the Mansions is the Former Premier of Queensland, Boyd Dunlop Morehead who has been for thirty years, a member of the Parliamentary.

The various houses were then transformed to become private residences and boarding houses. In 1982, restaurants and offices were added in the Mansions, and have been continually visited by professionals aiming for business ventures. It is nearby restaurants and botanical gardens and can be accessed easily by public transport. There are bus stops stops located in George Street. For those who'd enjoy walking, a five minute walk from the CityCat Terminal is an option to take. A taxi ride from the Brisbane airport could mean 30 minutes of travel time while one can choose to ride the Air Train from Brisbane Airport to Central Station. This could mean 30 minutes of travel time and fifteen minutes of walk to be alotted from the Central Station to the location.