Story Bridge Adventure


Constructed with no other sole purpose but to give employment for

people who have been devastated by the Great Depression, the Story Bridge has remained and will always remain as Brisbane’s greatest landmark treasure. The bridge's operation started in July 6, 1940, after a construction period of five years. It currently holds the record for the largest steel bridge, with a summit of 74 meters to ground, a width of 24 meters and a length of 1,072 meters, which has been designed and constructed by Australians in Australia. Aside from serving as a river crossing in the Kangaroo Point vicinity, the bridge has been transformed to one popular adventure vicinity: as a climbing spot.

The Story Bridge Adventure Climb has been considered a must-do experience, although people stricken with acrophobia may find this adventure a death-defying experience. Climbing to the top of the iconic bridge offers its guests the reward if a lifetime: a breathtaking view of the city's 360-degree panorama.

Story Bridge Adventure
A climb in the bridge usually takes two and a half hours to complete with the assistance of a climb leader who will also take you to the bridge and the

city's history through his/her informative commentary. Expect to be enthralled by the city's important landmarks which you can enjoy via eye level view.
Prospective climbers can choose to climb any of the following times: Dawn, Day, Twilight, and Night. The Dawn climb, which only partakes during weekend, give climbers the chance to watch the unfolding of the day, with the sun rising above the horizon and the fading of the city lights.


The time welcomes its climbers with the cool morning air. The Day climb puts the climbers beneath the clear blue sky with a hug of moderate temperature. This is the perfect way to enjoy a 360 degree view of the city: the Moreton Bay, Mt. Coot-tha, Lemington National Park, and the Glasshouse Mountains. The Twilight climb gives guests the opportunity to witness the transition from day to night as the skyline changes and the city lights starts to glow.

For something romantic, the Night climb is the perfect choice as it captures the intimacy of the city lights as well as the reflections of the city's elements

in the river and the movements of the boats in the water. This means, that climbing the Story Bridge gives its guests a unique experience regardless of time.

Interested climbers need to book their climb in advance online or personally, but make sure that they are really sure that they want to partake in the

activity because it is non-refundable. It's important to form a group and book yourselves together and make this a bonding experience for yourselves.

As said earlier in this article, people with vertigo may find this activity a struggle. Although they will still be permitted to climb, it's important to advise the Climb Leader first before the climb. People under the influence of illicit drugs and alcohol will not be permitted to climb. Children under the age of 10 will

not be permitted to climb as well.