State Law Building, Brisbane


Just when you’ve thought that everything from the ever popular DC comic Batman is nothing but pure fiction, a Brisbane skyscraper emerges as a product of inspiration from the city setting of the popular comic book.


If you’re from the state of Queensland, Australia, it would be improbable

if you haven’t at last heard anything about the State Law Building, more popularly known as the Batman Building or Gotham City, which envelops

a state-of-the-art Gothic architecture.


Provided your sons and daughters are die-hard fans of the superhero, schedule yourselves for a visit to this famous establishment and picture their surprised faces as they digest the resemblance of the fact of its exterior from the images of the imaginary work.


If you’re in the good mood to put a twist to your simple tour, convince your kid that Bruce Wayne is working in the building every morning.

state law building, brisbane

Prepare yourself though that the joke can yield major consequences: you might find yourself sitting outside the building, getting passed over by office people, while waiting for Bruce Wayne to materialize until the wee hours of the night, and your kid won’t ever give up.


Comfortably standing at 128 meters (420 feet) at Brisbane’s Central Business District Zone, the 30-floor State Law Building was constructed in 1977. Its original height was only 110 meters, not until 1995 when it experienced major renovation, most notably the assembly of the additional top part of the building – the crown – which made it taller and gained reference to Gotham City.