South Brisbane


Just connected to the Central Business District by the Victoria and Goodwill Bridges is the city suburb of Southern Brisbane. The area, along with West End and High Hill, has been known as “Kurilpa” or Water Rat by indigenous inhabitants. Up to date, the are has been an important area for indigenous life. South Brisbane is much popularized being the chosen site for the World Expo '88 which has been the construction of site of the now South Bank Parklands. From being a highly industrialized area South Brisbane has transformed into a fashionable and modern residential area.
Looking back, the Expo '88 has been a six-month World's Fair lasted from April 30, 1988 to October 30, 1988. With a duck-billed platypus as mascot, the fair's theme was "Leisure in the Age of Technology" and 625 million Australian Dollars was spent. The creation of the Expo has been said to

be the key to the revival of the once very industrialized area. The fair would then attract more than 18 million visitors and have been witnesses to different entertainment programs such as the circus, marching band, laser shows and other stage performances.


south brisbane
Other important legacies that the fair has embossed to the area were The Skyneedle which beams out light skywards from an 88-meter structure

(it would then be relocated to Tokyo Disneyland after the Expo) and the Sculpture Park which had been the largest display of sculptures in Australia,

with 90 sculptures (some of the works were sold to the Brisbane City Council).

From where the Expo once stood is the South Bank Parklands which opened to the public in June 1992. The man-made lagoon has been a favorite attraction, with around nine million visitors a year, due to its sandy beaches, picnic areas and rainforest walks. South Brisbane also serves as house to some of the most popular restaurants, cinemas, coffee shops and other hangout places in Brisbane.

The land is also home to the Queensland Cultural Center, where people can acquire the most of their artistic cravings. It includes the Performing Arts Complex, Queensland Art Gallery, Queensland Museum and the State Library. The Performing Arts Complex itself has been holding various performances by home based companies as well as outside companies.

Aside from the prestigious Griffith University, South Bank is also home to a number colleges and schools as well. So for those who want to pursue their education at South Brisbane, they can check the following institutions: South bank Institute of Technology (the largest Technical and Further Education college in Queensland), Royal Brisbane International College (a Home stay program for international students), St Laurence's College (an exclusive Catholic school for boys), Somerville House (boarding and day school for girls) and the first state secondary school in Brisbane, Brisbane State High School.