Skydiving in Brisbane


So, you’re proud that you have flown through the airs of Brisbane in

an aero plane or in a much intimate or slow-paced hot air balloon. However, I should challenge you to a different, extreme and exciting way

of exploring the atmosphere. “Exploring” might be a highfaluting term in a sense because this adventurous jump might only take a few minutes, but it’s definitely the closest activity that connects to flight, in a temporary manner. I’m talking about skydiving and the Brisbane Skydiving Centre

has been one of Queensland’s longest running parachute training organizations.

Skydiving is definitely the best way to witness the beauty of Brisbane in

a matter of minutes, while trying to compose yourself as you free fall 12,500 feet above. You can enjoy all of these in one jump: the Brisbane River, the Glasshouse Mountains, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Sparkling Moreton Bay, plus the fact that the memory of the jump will always remain to be one of the most powerful stories you can tell.

skydiving in brisbane
Don’t fret if you feel that you can’t do the jump on your own (despite your willingness) because Brisbane Skydiving Centre also allows tandem skydiving wherein a certified tandem instructor jumps with you after twenty minutes of training. This will allow you to be guided as you exit your aircraft and freefall together until the instructor opens the parachute. This is the simplest way to introduce anyone to skydiving.

On the other hand, if you feel that you can already manage the pressure (literal wind pressure in the atmosphere included) and wanted to become a licensed skydiver, you may choose to enroll to the Advanced Freefall Course (AFF) of the Brisbane Skydiving Centre. The AFF has been in the operation since 1985 and considered the most popular program in the country. The program offers nine stages, each of which has varying requirements in every jump. Stages one to three consists of the assistance of two licensed AFF instructors in every jump; stages four to eight consists of one instructor while the last stage is a solo jump. The whole course may be completed in 1 four day period. Completion of the course awards its student an International Sport Parachuting License from the Australian Parachute Federation (APF). You can also ask to document your own jump via still photography and digital video.

This Australian Parachute Federation (APF), Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), Australian Accredited Coaches Association (AACA) and Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)-registered Company have more than the jump to offer its guests/students. The dropping zone consists of the following facilities that ensure everyone a sociable day ahead: camping area, bar and grill, barbecue area, team accommodations, hot showers, and more amenities. Two aircrafts are in the Drop Zone: a Cessna 206 and Cessna 182.