Brisbane Scenic Drives


Who’s up for a simple yet relaxing scenic drive in Brisbane? While a number of people have been going to Brisbane for the usual adrenaline high type of fun, most have also considered flying to the area for a more peaceful type of vacation. Traveling around Brisbane may open doors

and windows to visitors, welcoming the realization that Brisbane is more than the corporate setting: the city skyscrapers, the restaurants and bars.

Spend one time of your vacation day with your foot traveling up and

down around the area. Spending time alone while discovering much of Brisbane’s preserves and it can give you the sense of solitude that you might have been looking for a long time, or you can carry some friends to make the discovery activity to a more fun adventure.In this section is some of the most popular location for scenic activities.


Once you reached these places, you may choose to step away from your car for some minutes and devote your senses to what these places have to offer.

brisbane scenic drives
One of these heaven-sent places is Mount Tempest which is located in Moreton Bay. It is the highest stabilized sand dune/sand hill in the world, standing tall at 285 meters. Walking uphill the mountain of sand has always been a very challenging and nerve-cracking one but it's an assurance that all those sweats and pants will be relieved in an instant with the view from the top. The top is practically a perfect place for reflection and relaxation.

Another favorable place for your scenic activity is Brisbane's largest natural area, Mt. Coot-tha, which is composed of more than 1,500 hectares of open forest. Experience nature-tripping at its best; bring your food-filled picnic boxes as you traverse the Summit Track. A lot has been looking forward to reach the Mt. Coot-tha Lookout which offers sweeping views of the city of Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Stradboke Islands and the southern ranges. Consider staying longer in the night and you might find the sight of the city's lights from atop, an enchanting experience.

Other than the usual nature walking, you can also try assisted rock climbing in the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, located at the Lower River Terrace near the Central Business District. Kangaroo Point Cliffs is definitely a perfect place for those who are considering spending some slice of the night for a view,

or a simple picnic. Going down the cliffs doesn't automatically means an instant farewell to the enjoyment that the view from the top can offer. Barbecues, eating spots, walking and cycling tracks and pavilions are also offered in the cliff's base.

For those who are looking for other places for nature relaxation, it’s also advisable to check these places as well: Boondall Wetlands Reserve

(Brisbane City), Mount Cordeaux Track (Aratula), Mt Greville Track (Boonah) and Queen Mary Falls Circuit (Boonah) and more.