Brisbane River Walks


Boardwalk- Running three km along the banks of Brisbane River is the magnificent and incredibly stable Brisbane River Boardwalk or better known as Brisbane RiverWalk. The RiverWalk was a project initiative of James Soorley, a former Australian Labor Party Lord Mayor of Brisbane and was officially opened for the public in 1997.

The path to the Brisbane Riverwalk is a very long but exciting journey. With a length of more than 20 km, this riverwalk runs from Brisbane’s northern suburbs to the southern suburbs thus connecting many roads, bridges, parks and pathways along the river. There are many access points where one can travel the riverwalk. On the north side, you can

stroll or cycle from the University of Queensland at St. Lucia to Teneriffe. On the southern side, you can take a trip from the West End Ferry terminal to Kangaroo Point. One of the fascinating sections of the Brisbane RiverWalk is the 870- meter floating walkway which stands 20 meters from the shoreline.

brisbane riverwalks

This floating walkway was made accessible to the public in 2003. People can experience how to literally “walk on the water” as they travel along this stainless steel floating walkway, which is connected from New Farm and stretches to Howard Smith. An estimated 20,000 people a day can travel on this walkway, strongly stabilized by a 15-meter long and 2.3 meter truss.

Traveling on the Brisbane RiverWalk is a perfect way to explore the Brisbane River and Brisbane itself. Pedestrians can experience a peaceful walk while viewing the splendor of the Brisbane River and the different attractions in the city of Brisbane. Moreover, through the riverwalk, people can travel easily to the central business district by simply walking, cycling, or riding a roller blade

The RiverWalk is a famous recreational spot in Brisbane. The walkways are wide enough to hold various recreational activities. It is a favorite sports attraction of many cyclists, joggers, roller bladers, and skateboarders. In some sections of the riverwalk, pedestrians and bikers share paths but usually they have separate pathways. A number of world class restaurants, cafés, bistros, and hotels which are open daily from morning to night can be found standing along the boardwalk. Enjoy a breathtaking view of the river and the city while having lunch or dinner on these cozy restaurants or feel the peaceful atmosphere around the boardwalk while having picnic or spending a day on any of the hotels around the area.

Another special section in the RiverWalk is the Bicentennial Bikeway, which is heavily traveled by thousand of commuters everyday. This bikeway is accessible from Archer Street and Sylvan Road in Toowong, or you can pass through the tunnel in Land Street. There are also access points from the central business district going to the bikeway such as Queen Street, Ann Street, and the Queensland University of Technology.

Brisbane River Boardwalk is one of the main attractions that make Brisbane unique from any other city in the world. A journey along this riverwalk is a

must for all tourists and people of Brisbane. Traveling along this prestigious riverwalk is a great way to relax as well as to know the Brisbane City.