The Royal Brisbane International College - RBIC


In the South Bank Parklands, Brisbane Australia is an institution for learning suited for students, notably for foreigners. The Royal Brisbane International College has an extensive range of courses to fit students of all ages from High School (Yr. 10) all the way to the retirement years, thus the college is deemed a 'Life-Long Learning Centre'.

Courses available are concentrated on Tourism, Business and Hospitality subjects. As part of its goals, the school is aimed at providing empowerment to meet the need of a constantly changing global market.

It also provides the opportunity to make one a leader in their respective professions, as well as a creator of entrepreneurial pursuits. 
The school, which is big enough to accomodate 30,000 students from around the world, is authorized from the National Recognized Training

and NEAS Australia. A Homestay program is also available and as a part of this, the student would be living with a Australian family and  experience living in Australia.


rbic - the royal brisbane international college

Several students who enroll here choose to learn English language before taking business studies as students who take Diploma, Advanced Diploma

and Postgraduate studies also gain from direct access into a good number of universities in Australia, with the credits benefiting from their stay with RBIC. For instance, a graduate taking up Diploma of Business is entitled to direct entry into the second year of a Bachelor Degree from another learning institution.

Graduates of the Advanced Diploma (2 years) are given the privilege to have direct entry into the CQU Master of Professional Accounting program,

which is helps students planning to get permanent residency in Australia. Subject areas at RBIC include Accounting, Business Administration, Communications, Economics, English, English as a Second Language, Finance, Hospitality Administration and Information Systems.

RBIC happens to be the first Registered Training Organization in Australia to be recognized to provide the new Vocational Graduate Certificate and Vocational Graduate Diploma qualifications in these subjects concerning business. It also gives students credits with a Master in Business Administration degree with USQ.

Focusing students on their needs and guiding them throughout their studies, many of them return to the college for advanced courses, with some new postgraduate students having their courses already in completion. By providing close ties with industry and effective arrangements with more universities the world over, The Royal Brisbane International College continues to strive these opportunities for the students both coming from here and abroad.