Health Clubs in Brisbane


As if the adventures wrapped around Brisbane arenít enough to fulfill oneís physical wellness needs, Brisbane is also equipped with a number

of gym houses and health clubs that offer the latest equipment and innovative processes in sculpting the body and maintaining and/or improving oneís health. Here is a list of the most recommended health clubs in Brisbane.

Fitness First, one of the most well-known health clubs in the world,

landed its own clubs in Brisbane's Central Business District in Adelaide Street and Quay Road. More than the usual personal training, Fitness First also offers a number of other programs and services.


One of these is the boot camp, a four-week outdoor military style training program that will definitely challenge one's health and fitness in all aspects. Those who will engage themselves in the boot camp will expect a reduction in body fats and an increase in muscle tone.

Health Clubs in Brisbane
Entering the boot camp has always been regarded as a stepping stone for those who want to achieve a healthy lifestyle. One can also choose to

take part at Fitness First's Dance First Academy where they offer a full Performing Arts program, with baby ballet, funk and break dancing included in

the program. Or make working out and a fun sport in a single package through swimming classes. Members maybe surprised though with a number of other offerings in the swim school: pool parties, race nights and group swimming are just among some of it.

Located in South Brisbane is Healthworks, although the health club also has other branches in Ipswich, Cleveland, Everton Hills and Deagon, among others. The branch in South Brisbane in particular, is situated just a kilometer away from the Southbank Parklands and it boasts some of the latest equipment in bodybuilding. The South Brisbane branch's services and facilities include group exercises, personal training, boot camp and change rooms.

It also features a 12-week challenge which is a workout routine for those who want to see acquire a dramatic result in a small period of time. Trainers will motivate its members to set their goals and push for it. The gym also includes a cardio theater and run groups.

With two gyms operating in Brisbane, Pure Health Clubs can be located at the Queen Street of the Central Business District and at Coorparoo.

Pure has been airing its statement of fulfilling the goals not only for physical enhancement but in mental and spiritual aspects as well. Pure boasts its offering of the most innovative of exercises and classes which include belly dancing, Tai Chi, Dhanura, yoga, meditation, Prasatka, GRC, fluid strength, skipping, bouncing, boxing, dancing, ball and Pilates. They want each member to view these exercises as a fun practice than a daunting one, and they

will see astounding results without them realizing it.

Other recommended gyms in Brisbane are: Beach House Health and Fitness in Toowoomba, Fernwood Women's Health Club in Charlotte Street,

and Goodlife Health Clubs in Edward Street.