Events in Brisbane


Did you know that Brisbane is much more than the vertigo-inducing skyscrapers, the majestic shopping centers, fun-filled night out spots

and the mouth-watering dishes from its high-end restaurants? Brisbane offers a lot of events that are basically world class, attracting tourists from all over the world to visit and acquire the taste of authentic Brisbane festivities. Highlighted in this list are some of the major events that are being held in the city.

People who are leaning and are more than interested in experiencing

new treatment of different art forms should make sure that their last week of July is vacated to devote much time to the Brisbane Festival, one of Australia's leading international Arts Festivals. However this festival, which was incepted in 1996, occurs only every two years so make sure that you have the chance to visit the festival or else you need to wait a little longer before you'll get the chance to finally experience new works brought by local, national and international artists an companies.


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More than the showcase of works, the festival also encourages its guests and panelist to engage in a national and international artistic dialogue

as well as an intellectual and artistic debate. The festival is scheduled on July 18 to August 3, 2008 and is directed by Lyndon Terracini.

On the past festivals, an average of 206,000 participants was enlisted, with 578 performances and an involvement of 3,293 artists.

Guests of the Brisbane Festival will basically feel at awe with the great showcase of theater, opera, dance, multimedia, visual arts, food, music and even cabaret. The festival also offers free lectures and other free events. In this list are some of the free events for this year's festival. "Into Africa" celebrates the exciting offering of the African Community in Brisbane. One of its highlights will be the performance of one of Australia's well-known African dance

band, Musiki Manjaro. Another event is the "Electronique" which is an electrifying incorporation of jazz, salsa, techno, funk, hip hop, tap and break dance that will surely send viewers rocking on their feet.

Another iconic Brisbane event is the River Festival which happens every last week August unfolding to September; it started out in 1998.

Patterned from the Stockholm Water Festival, the objective of the annual River Festival has always been cored at the idea of public awareness on

the more responsible use of water. The 2007 festival has attracted 1.3 million visitors and has contributed to Brisbane's economy, earning 21.2 million dollars.

The key events of the festival include the International River Symposium which educates the participants on the issues of climate change and its adverse effects such as drought and flooding. The focus of the symposium is in drought management, food production maintenance, environmental flows, study tours among others. Another featured event is Kids on Water Goa Billboard Competition which encourage students to voice out their messages on the environment through the development of outdoor billboards. The winner and his/her school will be awarded with books. The festival has always been opened with a majestic fireworks display.

Make sure to visit and take part on other Brisbane events such as Brisbane International Motor Show (February), Brisbane Fine Wine Festival (July), Brisbane International Film Festival (August), Brisbane Writers Festival (September), and Valley Fiesta (September).