Brisbane Comedy Bars


Who doesn't want a dash of laughter once in a while? Think of an

out-of-body experience and enter any of Brisbane's comedy bars.

The city's comedy bars have the reputation of not failing its guests

to laugh so hard they could almost rapture their own internal organs.

Here's an overview to some of the most famous comedy bars in the


Albion Comedy Club and Restaurant is the biggest comedy club in Australia, and probably one of the biggest in the world. It is located at Sandgate Road and is near the Breakfast Creek and only a few

kilometers way from the Central Business District.


Albion's line-up of comedians is composed of an all-professional local, interstate and international comedian. Every night, five or six comedians will light up a show wherein they will surely bust your wits and tickle your lungs out.

brisbane comedy bars and clubs

Albion boasts its spacious and luxurious room that allows its guests to mingle and also a place for people to dance the night away after every show.

For June 2008, Albion's line-up of comedians are Greg Sulivan, who is the host of the Triple M Breakfast Show, Brendan Lovechild, Casey Talbot,

Davo from NBC's Last Comic Standing and Matt Marr.

Another world class comedy bar is Dockside Comedy Bar located at the bottom of the Dockside hotel building, on Ferry Street Kangaroo Point.

Dockside is by far the longest running comedy venue in Brisbane, having been in the business since 199, and has been continuously offering its

visitors a Friday and Saturday dose of the greatest laughs just next the relaxing atmosphere of the Brisbane River. One great trivia about the bar is

that the place has been a catapulting location for Eric Bana's entertainment career. The now serious and widely-acclaimed actor has been performing regularly in the bar way back before booking his own comedy program, "Eric" in 1997. Other famous alumni of the Dockside Comedy Bar are Judith Lucy, Carl Barron, Jimeoin and Mick Molloy.

Paddington also has its own taste of comedy magic via The Sit Down Comedy Club which is also one of Australia's major producers of stand up comedy. The comedy bar has been in its present location in McGuire Paddo Tavern since 2000. It features different Queensland-based, national and international performers every week. The Sit Down Comedy Club also accepts bookings for other venues in Queensland, such as parties, staff dinners, awards nights, conferences, and other corporate events. Among the bar's popular stand-up comedians are Steve Allison, Judith Lucy, Mike van Acker, Lindsay Webb, Meshel Laurie, Kitty Flanagan and many more.

Already having stomach cramps? Donít fret because Brisbane comedy bars wonít fail you! A night in one of these comedy bars donít just detoxify you,

it also raised your spirits literally!