Brisbane Clock Tower


Have u ever reached the top of the world and wonder how it feels?
Brisbane’s Clock Tower is one of the many clock towers in the different parts of the world. Whether it is the Big Ben in London or the Peace

Tower in Ottawa, Canada, these clock towers have similar features.


First, they all have one or more clock faces; most of the time four

faces- facing north, south, east, and west which give every one in the area, wherever their location may be, the chance to see a synchronized time. Almost all clock towers stand either on a church or on a government building like city halls or post office and some stand independently.

Most of them are popular landmarks in the country where they were built.
The Clock Tower, one of Brisbane’s main attractions, is one the hottest destinations where almost all tourists will never fail to visit. It is seated on top of Brisbane’s City Hall, the house of the City Council of Brisbane.

The clock tower was considered as one of the tallest buildings in Brisbane until 1973 and is the largest clock tower in Australia.

brisbane clock tower

This impressive 92-meter clock tower was built between 1920 and 1930 and was designed by Prentice and Hall, patterned after the works of St Mark's Campanile of Italy. It has four clock faces which are made of carefully crafted white opal housed on a sheet copper while the clock’s hands are made of intricately designed copper sheet copper. It is consists of Westminster chimes which automatically sound every quarter of an hour.

What so special about the Clock Tower is that it serves as a window for anyone who wants to have a panoramic view of the beauty of Brisbane.

The tower is open to everyone from Mondays to Saturdays except on holidays. Visitors can simply enjoy riding on an archaic elevator, constructed

in 1930, which will lift them to the observation deck of the Clock Tower. From the tower, one can have a bird’s eye view of Brisbane’s skyscrapers,

luxurious five-star hotels, and other historic sites. One can have an excellent view of the well-constructed Church of England Cathedral and Ann St Presbyterian Church. In addition, anyone can freely watch pedestrians and vehicles as they cross the Adelaide Street and Anne Street. Furthermore,

the City Hall, where the tower is located, is just adjacent to the King George Square. From the Tower, audience can clearly see all the actions and happenings as they watch a public event being held at this monumental square.

Indeed, the experience of viewing Brisbane from the Clock Tower brings any spectator to great heights and power. The thrill of seeing the beauty of Brisbane in all directions by just standing on a 92-meter tower is a priceless feeling that only the Clock Tower can impart. So the next time you visit Brisbane or pass by Brisbane’s City Hall, best to take the lift to the clock tower and behold the glory and joy of being on top of the world.