Brisbane CityCats - City Catamarans


Cats are known for spending most of their time sleeping.

They sleep for more than 16 hours a day but for the CityCats of Brisbane, oversleeping is simply not included in their daily schedule.
City cats- No they are not a breed of cats but they are large and fast ferries traveling around the magnificent Brisbane River.

CityCats or City Catamarans are operated by Metrolink Queensland in Brisbane. They are called CityCats because they are built after the catamaran style vessels. Catamarans are large, high- speed and multihulled ships which are either sail or engine powered. They started operation in 1996 with six vessels which can carry up to 150 passengers, two more were added in 1998 and with the increasing demand for the ferry services, three larger second generation vessels were added, the latest of which is the Meeandah, launched last Feb 2008. According to Brisbane City Council, two more CityCats are expected to be completed early 2009 to address the increasing number of passengers which has reached to approximately six million each year.


brisbane citycats

City cats are known for their stability and efficiency. They are very stable and have very few incidences of accidents. CityCats also have spacious

areas where people can move freely including disabled passengers. Wheelchairs can move within the wide aisles and there are designated areas for

the safety of handicapped and disabled passengers. Furthermore, there are enough parking spaces for bikes. Modern CityCats have big onboard toilet facilities and state-of-the-art plasma screen showing news and advertisements are mounted within the vicinities of the ferries.

There are 14 CityCat terminals between Brett’s wharf in the suburb of Dr. Hamilton and the University of Queensland at St. Lucia. Running along the Brisbane River, aboard the CityCats, passengers can visit many places in Brisbane as the ferries pass different locations like the historical New Farm

Park at the New Farm Peninsula, the Story Bridge, the fascinating Botanic Gardens, West End Markets, Queensland University of Technology which is known as the university for the real world”, and the Kangaroo Point, a popular recreational site where people can do rock climbing and abseiling.

The CityCats travel around the Brisbane River daily including holidays and weekends to accommodate the need of thousand excited passengers.

They are due every 15 minutes and every six minutes during off peak hours. They are not just for touring purposes but also means for the locals to go

to their work and other important destinations. Tickets are available at the Riverside Ferry Information or can be bought from CityCat Ticket sellers. Passengers can choose from the one- way single trip ticket or the daily ticket which offers unlimited travel for the day and the off-peak daily ticket which has a discount for unlimited travel during off-peak hours( 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and after 7 p.m.), and discounts all day on weekends and public holidays.


They can also choose to purchase the weekly ticket which gives them unlimited travel for seven consecutive days or the monthly ticket for unlimited

travel for one calendar month. The CityCats have been roaming the Brisbane River for more than a decade now, carrying more than five million  passengers each year. As the number of passengers continues to increase by huge percent, they will continue to serve the public and more CityCats

will sail in the years ahead. So come aboard these busy CityCats as they tour you around Brisbane via the busy central business district.