Canoeing and Kayaking in Brisbane


You can explore Brisbane in a much unique perspective. You can do it by the river or by the sea! No, riding a boat, ferry or a cruise is so old school as compared to this: kayaking and canoeing. Yes, these activities don't just make you appreciate the world that Brisbane has to offer to you, they also give you one of the most challenging ways to travel with a knack of adventure while giving you a physical workout.

It doesn't take to be an experienced paddler to kayak; even first timers

are encouraged to plunge into the adventure. Riverlife Adventure Center in Kangaroo Point is an activity-filled center that embarks its guest to the majestic natural environment of Brisbane. One of the activities that Riverlife offer is kayaking.


The good news is, if you have no idea whatsoever in using the paddle, you will be guided by a qualified instructor. Kayaking sessions are scheduled seven days a week and instruction can be done either at day or at night.

canoeing and kayaking in brisbane
Of course, where else are fun water activities such as kayaking and canoeing popular but in the Brisbane River? The panoramic view of the city along

the water level is definitely priceless. Experience passing different Brisbane landmarks like the Story Bridge, New Farm Park and the South Bank

Parklands and be awed with the distinguishable perspective. A single session is scheduled in every Sunday with each session normally has a duration of three hours.

If you decide to canoe or kayak with somebody special, you can try to canoe by moonlight and be amazed by the sound of tranquil waters as well as the reflection of the moon on the river. The sight of feeding pelicans and fishes jumping out of the water can also be a worthwhile event; though don't fall into

a shocked state if a fish landed straight in your canoe/kayak! Canoe by the moonlight in Brisbane River is schedules on a Friday that occurs closest to the Full Moon. One session concludes before midnight.

You can also try kayaking in the nearby sea which is located an hour away from the north of Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast. The sea boasts its magnificent display of marine flora and fauna which includes swimming turtles, eagles and other bird species, dolphins and fishes. Challenge yousrelf by kayaking for half a day at the Mooloolaba Bay and discover more of the ocean environment.

Just take the following into consideration when you decided to kayak. One, wear the most comfortable clothes. Two, it's important that your shoes can get wet, or better if you can kayak without wearing anything in your feet at all! It's also recommended to wear sunglasses, hat and sunscreen if you are kayaking in a sunny day. Also, bring towel and drinks as well.