Camping in Brisbane


There are many possibilities inside Brisbane's wilderness, you can bushwalk, hike, rock climb, abseil, catch fishes, watch birds, the options seem limitless. Of all these, have you ever considered to stay at the

forest for until the moonlight, bond with your friends in front of a camp

fire and sleep underneath those trees with forest soil a few centimeters below your mattress (in case if you have any)? Brisbane's camping grounds is no other, as it ranges from the real adventure type in state forests or caravan parks and the more private grounds which is blessed with facilities such as toilets and showers. Here are some of the best places in Brisbane where you can gracefully bring your beloved sleeping bags and tents and heartily burn those hotdogs and marshmallows under that camp fire.

Some of the most famous sites in North Brisbane are the Kenilworth State Forest and Lake Cootharaba. The latter has been a popular camping ground for families, with the shallow lake a great place for canoes and sailing boats, with hot showers and kitchen facilities available for use.


camping in brisbane
Other important campgrounds are the huge grassy sites close to Elanda Point, which has been a perfect place for kangaroo watching.

Booking is not necessary for one to enter these campsites. Located in the East of Brisbane is the North Stradbroke Island which is more known for its shorter name, Straddle. A large sand island adorned with pristine lakes and surfing areas, Straddle is a popular beachfront camping site. However, the area may not actually equate to a deserted island theme, since just nearby are plenty of shops and cafes.

Going to Brisbane’s west are two main camping areas in the World Heritage-listed Main Range National Park: the Spicer's Gap Campground and the Goomburra section campgrounds. The former features toilets and picnic tables. Boiling tap water before drinking is extremely necessary, that what fuel stoves are for, aside from cooking. For those who are dreaming of a barbeque night, then go on and be disappointed because the camping site does

not provide any so it's important to provide your own. Be responsible! Bring your own plastic bags where you can collect and bring your own rubbish

since bins aren't provided as well. The latter, on the other hand, boasts an open grassy area which feature composting toilets, tap water and barbecue area. The problem is, you must provide your own firewood since collecting wood in the forest is strictly prohibited or if you dare then you face the consequences, or better yet use the fire stove provided. Carry your rubbish with you as well.

For a more rainforest feel, then make your way to South of Brisbane where you can enjoy the Binna Burra camping ground. A private camping site, they provide their own tents (which are permanently tucked in the site) -with beds and lights! Another source of enjoyment is a cafe that will be opened in the site soon. Much more for a more relaxing camping!