Brisbane City Skyline


Come into Brisbane and enter a world where you can almost touch

the sky. It is amazing how the city of Brisbane through the years has developed into an advancing and progressive metropolis. More and

more high-rising buildings, modern apartments and gigantic

skyscrapers are built and added to the Brisbane’s skyline, making Brisbane a more attractive modern city to work and live in.
Currently the Aurora Tower is Brisbane’s tallest building with a height of 207 meters. Completed in 2006, this 69- storey building is also one of the world’s tallest residential apartment complexes. Situated in Queen St, it has an excellent location which is very near the central railway station

and shopping areas like the Queen Street Mall.

The Riparian Plaza, located in Eagle Street, follows the Aurora Tower

in height at 250 meters. It is used for commercial space and residential apartments. Designed by architect Harry Seidler, it won the major prize for commercial architecture in 2007.


bisbane city skyline

After the Riparian Plaza, comes the Central Plaza 1 which is located at the “Golden Triangle” in Queen Street at Brisbane’s central business district.

With a height of 174m, this 44-storey building used to be the tallest in Brisbane in 1988. Today it stands as the third tallest following Aurora Tower and Riparian Plaza. Right beside the Central Plaza One is its smaller version, the Central Plaza Two and soon to be completed is the Central Plaza Three

which will form the Central Plaza Complex.

Meanwhile, the Waterfront Place in Eagle Street is the fourth tallest building in Brisbane and the fifth in Queensland standing at 162 meters above the ground. Since the building is situated at the edge of the River, it offers a breathtaking view of the City and Brisbane River.

The AMP Place, State Law Building, the Riverside Center, and the Brisbane Square are also included in the list of Brisbane’s skyscrapers.

The AMP Place, known locally as the Gold Tower because of its gold color, is the very first true skyscraper of Brisbane with a height of 135 meters.

The Brisbane Stock Exchange can be found within the Riverside Center while the Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney-General are housed

in the State Law Building, better known as the Gotham Tower because of its post-modern design. This building is also famous as the Batman Building because of its unique top which looks like the head of Batman. One of the newest high-rise buildings is the Brisbane Square in George Street. Mainly

used for office spaces, it is Australia’s largest commercial building with a height of 151 meters. It houses the new Brisbane City Council and the council’s state-of-the-art library

Still, more buildings are on their way to be completed in the years to come. The Vision Brisbane is estimated to be completed in early 2010 and will

stand in Mary Street. From the name itself, Vision, it is envisioned to be the tallest in Brisbane, the second in Queensland, and the third tallest in Australia. The Vision Plaza will be multi-purpose building with 13 floors for commercial purpose and over 53 floors for residential apartments. Another new building

to join the skyline by 2011 is the Trilogy Tower, a commercial and residential space building, which will rise in Queen Street on the site where the Red Cross building used to stand. It is planned to be the second tallest building in Brisbane with a height of 265m. The Empire Square is planned to rise in Elizabeth St, the city’s Treasury, and will become the third tallest building in Brisbane.

In a few years from now, once the construction of the Empire Square Tower, Trilogy Tower and the Vision Brisbane will be completed, the Aurora Tower

will no longer be the tallest in Brisbane. These buildings will dwarf all other skyscrapers in Brisbane even in Australia. In the near future more skyscrapers, taller, better, and more complex, will spring up in Brisbane amazing skyline.