Brisbane Adventures


Are you looking for something that is out of the usual, or something that you haven't done before? Going to Brisbane just simply to eat out or drink the night away may appear to be tiresome in a way, especially because those are the things that you usually do in your hometown anyway. Brisbane has a lot of things to offer and you might be surprised by how much new adventure can you do and treasure in your short stay.

To cherish an eagle's eye view to the city of Brisbane can be an exhilarating moment, especially if you are riding in a traditional Hot Air Balloon. Experience the feeling while soaring over meadows and streams and farms while inhaling the fresh air that is now lingering in your own level. The hot-air balloon experience is pretty much offered by the company Balloons Over Brisbane which gives you the chance to fly over the city in an hour's time and see the Glasshouse Mountains and Gold Coast.


Remember that ballooning is a casual activity, meaning all you need to wear are your most comfortable runners, slacks or jeans although it is not advisable to wear white clothing. Cameras are a must! Remember that this is a unique experience and we would be sorry if all the remembrance that you can bring with you are stored in your memory. Please tell your pilot

if you have any physical difficulties so that you will be advised immediately. Children below three years of age won't be permitted, as well as pregnant women and those who weigh more than 130 kilograms. Remember that this is supposed to be an enjoyable ride, not a disastrous one. It's also important not to be late in your scheduled flight because scheduling is very strict at Balloons Over Brisbane. If your vacation in the city is a group activity, then why not try battling out together at the National Paintball Fields? Picture yourself releasing all your anger to that filthy friend you can't scream at by ambushing him with your paintball.

brisbane adventures
The National Paintball field is housed in a 23-acre field that is designed with an obstacle of bunkers, villages, forts, bridges, forts and planes that

makes the whole game an extreme exercise of mind and body and yes, friendship as well. Remember though that everything here is just for fun, so

enjoy whether your team ended up winning or losing in the whole lot!

Those who are looking for a serene yet challenging adventure can try kayaking at the Moreton Bay Marine Park. Either you decided to travel the blue waters all by yourself or share with a friend, the whole experience is definitely a memorable one. The Blue Water Kayak Tours directs its customers to a land abundant with different interesting bird species that are nesting in the shores or flying the horizon, bringing out the serenity in your own paddling experience in the shallow waters.

Other adventures include skydiving (Ripcord Skydivers), horse riding (Slickers Horse Riding), sailing (Solo Adventures Sailing), bridge climbing

(Story Bridge Adventure Climb), stunt driving (Stunt Driving Xperience) and whale watching (Whales in Paradise).