Bracken Ridge, Brisbane - Rose Hill


Originally known as Rose Hill, Bracken Ridge is a suburb located 19 kilometers from the Brisbane Central Business District. Other suburbs which surround Bracken Ridge are Bald Hills, Fitzgibbon, Brighton, Talgum, Sandgate and Deagon. Its borders are formed by the Caboolture Railway Line in the west and the Telegraph Road in the south. The 50 kilometer railway line connects the Sunshine Coast to the North Coast line with its trains running

through Brisbane's northern suburbs. It also has a station in Brisbane City. The southern boarder, on the other hand, is famous for being one of the oldest roads in the area. The name, Bracken Ridge, is actually a derivation to the land's usual description: a hilly terrain.

Bracken Ridge is famous for its laid back atmosphere, with its highest point featuring a park and a reservoir that serves as a fantastic place to get a view of the Moreton Bay to the east and the Central Business District to the south. Bracken Ridge is also known for having numerous housing estates in the area, with The Oaks and Enbrook Heights as the most notable.


Before transforming into a real estate, it was a very rural area back in the 19th century,

having like The Brown Family, Ferguson Family and Louis Hope (the first European in the area) owned parcels of the land, the latter of which grown sugar cane and other crops way back. Before it became a chief residential area, dairy was the key industry. The first group of residential areas was constructed in 1966, for 1,600 residences.

In 1957, the first school in the area was built. It marks the succeeding construction and establishment of other institutions for learning. In the 1970s witnessed the development of the Norris Road State School, a Catholic basic education school.

bracken ridge, brisbane, rose hill
One of the largest vocational education and training organizations in Australia, offering courses in business, environment, tourism, logistics, information technology, education and service industries, the Brisbane North Institute of TAFE, has opened the Bracken Ridge campus in 1982. The campus is

located just 12 kilometers from Brisbane City. Other schools in Bracken Ridge are St. John Fisher College, Bracken Ridge State High School and St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School.

One shouldn’t Bracken Ridge be mistaken to a very boring town though, there are shopping strips located in Barrett Street and Gawain Road, as well as

in Telegraph Road and Norris Road. For those who are looking for a good time, or a night of drink and relaxation may visit The Rum Jungle pub, located

at Barret and Denham Streets. You can also detoxify and flex those muscles and thighs in the sports center located in Bracken Ridge Road. You can also chill at Enbrook Parkland and the Bill Brown Sports Reserve.