Brisbane City Botanic Garden


Are you a bride or a groom planning for your dream wedding? Are

you a botanist who is so crazy about species of plants or a nature

lover who adores the beauty of Mother Nature? Are you someone who simply wants a quiet sanctuary to relax? Brisbane City Botanic Garden is the best place for you to visit and explore.

Situated at the Gardens Point and bounded by Alice Street, George Street, and Edward Street, this historical garden has been fascinating the world for more than a century now. It was first recognized as a

public garden in 1828 but it was only in 1855 when the site was

officially established during the time of Walter Hill. It started as an experimental and educational garden until it became a botanical

garden with Walter Hill as the major contributor for its development being the garden’s first Director. Today, hundreds of visitors tour around the garden which is open to the public for 24 hours daily except on Sundays and holidays.

brisbane city botanic garden

The garden is accessible by walking from the Parliament House entrance at George Street, Alice Street or from the Goodwill Bridge.

You can also ride the free Loop bus which stops at Alice Street and George Street or you can catch the CityCat Ferry boat. In any way you like to reach the garden, whether by taking a bus, or riding a boat, by biking, or even by walking, Brisbane City Botanic Garden is very accessible to everyone.
There are many things to do and many places to explore while inside the garden. You can choose from either exploring the garden on your own or you

can ask the assistance of volunteers to guide you, or if you want you can also volunteer to be a guide for other visitors. As you enter the garden, you will be greeted with the ancient trees, exotic and rare species of plants, wide array of colorful and unique flowers, a collection of figs and pines, many of which such as the bunya pines were planted by Walter Hill during his term.

Moreover, you can walk or bike along the river frontage which leads to the Mangrove Boardwalk, a 380 meter mangrove floating in the mud.

You can also enjoy the scene from the ornamental ponds built in 1958 or the bamboo grove which features a collection of 23 bamboo species.
If you love to watch concerts and other live events, the River Stage is where you can hang around. This is where the Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols

are being held every year. Facing this stage is an amphitheatre built in the 1980s.

At the southern part of the garden, you can relax on the quiet Residence Hill, surrounded with trees planted as early as 1850s. At the north of the Residence Hill is the Water Hill Fountain, a lion shaped drinking fountain which commemorates the construction of the Enoggera Dam of Brisbane.

Rich with the exquisite flowers and scenic sites, the garden’s romantic atmosphere is a perfect venue for your dream wedding, romantic dates and anniversaries. If you get hungry while touring the place, you can visit the City Gardens Café which is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. everyday.


There are also picnic areas under the trees where you can eat and enjoy your packed lunch or just relax after a long day of work since the garden

is very near Brisbane’s central business district. So whether you are a romantic lover, a nature lover, a botanist, or simply someone who wants to relax,

the Brisbane City Botanic Garden is always open for you. It is a living heritage that stages the wonders of nature and history.