Bird watching  in Brisbane


Discussed in this article are some of the best places within or neat Brisbane where you can get the greatest deals in bird watching, guides and bird-oriented accommodations. Such activity is nevertheless a refreshingly educational one.

Just 45 minutes away the Central Business District is Brisbane Forest Park’s Mt. Glorious Getaway Cottages, and is the closest rainforest wilderness to Brisbane. It is a relaxation and recollection activity at its

best, with it a timber cottage-accommodation offering unique view of the rainforest. Be amazed with the number of birds that will really soothe your dreary day: sooty owls, marbled frogmouths, regent bowerbirds and paradise rifle birds. Aside from these birds are native animals which include wallabies. Mt. Glorious offers a lot of other possibilities such as picnicking and bushwalking. Two hours drive from Brisbane will direct you to the 324 hectare Mt. Clunie National Park, which is listed in the World Heritage.


bird watching in brisbane
At its foot are two cabins where guests can enjoy the day's worth of sky, mountain and forest gazing. It's also the best place to rest after a whole day

of trekking and searching for the "flying treasure." One may be surprised with the richness of fauna that area has been offering including 170 species

(and counting) of wild exotic birds, koalas, sugar gliders, possums, bats, wallabies and antechinus and a lot more. Some of the birds in the list are

Albert's Lyrebird, regent bowerbird, Russet-tailed Thrush and spectacled monarch.

A 90 minute drive from Brisbane will direct travelers to the Sketches Mountain Resort, the best way to bring those stresses and unwind them off.

Even the drive is in itself a detoxifying one while you nourish your senses with picturesque mountains and scenic atmosphere. One of its most popular tourist destinations is its birds trail called the Crowls Nest, a perfect sanctuary for a big family of birds: Peregrine Falcons, dove, Pale-headed Rosella, Striated Pardalote, Noisy Miner, Wedge-tailed Eagles, Red-chested Button-quail, White-throated Nightjar, Regent and Satin Bowerbirds, Paradise Riflebirds and Emerald Dove. It is also home to the Birds of prey such as Grey Goshawk, the Sooty Owls and the Black-breasted Button Quails.

For those who is new to the activity and are quite dizzied up by whatever necessary tools or equipment to bring may want to ask for assistance for

their bird watching cravings. Its important to visit bird watching tour specialists such as Birding Services Brisbane, where you can actually organize a personalized bird watching tour. Tours aren't limited to Brisbane but also to Southern Queensland, as well as Northern Territory, Northern Queensland, South West Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. These people will be the one who will plan your itinerary and do other miscellaneous things for a more breezy and convenient bird watching activity.