Bars in Brisbane


Spending the night with yourself or friends at any of Brisbane's bars is a splendid experience. Brisbane's strip of bars projects diversity that will send bar-hoppers enjoy to the fullest what Brisbane has to offer.

Here are some of the most recommended bars to visit in tee city.

Do you want to spend the night away gulping draft and eating your

favorite pizza without the usual fine dining setup? Then Calypso Bar is

the perfect place to savor yourself. It stands proudly in Petrie Terrace

and was once a coffee shop when it first opened in 1996.


The place expanded its size over the years, making the small place three times larger now, retaining the coffee but shifted their main product into gourmet pizzas. Calypso perfectly matches its specialty pizzas to their beers, wines, desserts and cruise music and live music. The place is perfect for those who just want for a chill night out for a gimmick and for those who want to listen to new homegrown musicians.


bars in brisbane
Our mood shifts from the chill resto-bar spot to the more in depth and devoted to the live music scene that The Zoo offers.

Standing in the business at Fortitude Valley since 1992, The Zoo has been supporting the independent music scene and has been offering its

visitors a diverse array of music: rock, reggae, pop, acoustic, folk, beats, hip hop, jazz and dub. Aside from the usual gigs, The Zoo has also took an initiative to help raise awareness in the issue of homelessness in the area, thus the annual "Give Some Back" event wherein they collect merchandises

and put them into auction to raise funds. They don't implement any dress codes but smoking, recording and photographing of performances aren't


Another bar in the Foritude Valley is the American style sports bar, Mustang Bar. Catering sports enthusiasts at its best, the bar is serving lunch and dinner, alongside a big choice of beers, bourbons, wines and cigars with live entertainment projected in big screens. What are these forms of entertainment, you ask? If the channel is directed at Fox Sports, ESPN, and Star Sports, then you need not ask further. However, although their definition of fun may gravely connected to testosterone-filled soccer and basketball, theu also have a weekly band line-up and Friday Night Dirty Dance Off.

They also feature their own Beer of the Month.

Tasty treat waits visitors of the Spanish Tapas Bar in Fortitude Valley. Apart from its famous Sangria (red wine cocktail) and list of Spanish wines

(includes Jerez, Cava, Rioja, Reserva, Cosecha and more), its also famous for its delectable specialty: tapas and paella, a mixture of saffron-flavored rice and various meat and seafood, a colorful treat. To savor the real Spanish experience, the bar also offers its authentic Spanish entertainment: the flamenco.