Banks in Brisbane


In this article is a brief list and description of banks found in Brisbane, Queensland.
Being one of Australia’s financial institution frontrunners, Commonwealth Bank has been offering services which include retail, premium, business and institutional banking.

The bank was founded under the Commonwealth Bank Act in 1911, although the operations had started only a year after.


The bank would then yield businesses throughout the country as well in New Zealand, Asia and the United Kingdom. Among the services included in Personal Banking are credit cards, home loans, term deposits, personals loans such as student loans and car finance, insurance, retirement accounts and private banking. Business banking, on the other hand, has the following services: cash management, loans, asset finance, risk management, insurance, and superannuation and foreign exchange services. Commonwealth Bank also offers electronic banking. Macquarie, having been established in 1969 as a merchant bank with the name Hill Samuel Australia (HSA), it started its operations in Sydney on January 1970 with three staff.


Eleven years later, the merchant bank has transformed into a trading bank now with a new name, Macquarie Bank Limited. It is the only second private trading bank to be established

in the country in that century.


The bank world then open its branches in Melbourne in 1985 and in Brisbane in 1986. Macquarie has been consistent in putting its reputation as a market leader, reaping a number awards such as Best Investment Bank, Most National Services Award, Best Equity House and Business of the Year from different publications and financial institutions' award-giving bodies in Australia and Asia.

banks in brisbane
Macquarie’s Personal banking services include credit cards, loans, shares, cash management, specialized investments, property, retirement and superannuation, wealth management, telephone banking, debt solutions and many more. Business services include leasing, new technology financing,

real estate development financing, infrastructure investments, property trusts, deposit services, accounting and a lot more.

Westpac traced its history as early as 1850 with its first branch at Moreton Bay (Brisbane) as the bank of New South Wales. IN 1982, after a merger with the Victorian-based Commercial Bank of Australia, the permission to change its name was granted through the Bank of New South Wales Act of 1982 - the Change of Name Act. The name Westpac was actually a shortened form of Western Pacific. To date there 641 branches in Australia, with branches in New Zealand, Beijing, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Singapore, New York, London and the Pacific Islands: Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands and Tonga.

Personal banking services in Westpac includes home loans, personal loans, credit cards, bank accounts, investments, insurances, private bank and financial advices. Business banking services include payroll services, long term and short term finances, business credit card solutions, business assets insurance and more. Westpac also offers Internet banking.