Brisbane Arts and Culture


The arts and culture scene in Brisbane is nevertheless a diverse one as portrayed with a year round of exhibitions and cultural attractions that emphasizes the emergence of the importance of theatre, ballet, opera, concerts and musicals. Brisbane's cultural hub, the Queensland Cultural Center, is situated at South Bank.


The cultural center is composed of the Queensland Museum, State

Library of Queensland, Queensland Performing Arts Center, Queensland Art Gallery and the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art.

The Queensland Performing Arts Center (QPAC) traced its roots from

the Cremorne which was established in 1911 which was considered as Queensland's most illustrious theatre, until it was destroyed by fire in 1954. The new QPAC's structure, designed by Queensland architect Robin Gibson, was finally opened in 1985 by His Royal Highness the

Duke of Kent. QPAC is composed of four theatres.


Brisbane Arts and Culture
The 2,085-seater horseshoe-shaped Lyric Theatre has been venue for operas, ballets and musicals. This critically-acclaimed theater has been

praised for its design and has been the main venue for Opera Queensland's performances. The Concert Hall has been the primary place for orchestral performances, although it also hosts other events such as stand-up comedies, graduation ceremonies and award presentations. The new 302-seater Cremorne Theatre has been used for experimental theatre, one-man plays, lectures and product launches. Lastly, the Playhouse has been a venue to innovative technology and stage design in a traditional proscenium theatre.

Considered a Queensland's leading national art museum, the Queensland Art Gallery was established in 1895. It was known as Queensland National Art Gallery back then, although it doesn't have a permanent place back then until a great work of architecture was made in 1982 to house it. The Gallery's collection has grown immensely, and complexity to majority of the works was also becoming evident. Extensive research has also been done which led to the inception of a second building: Queensland Gallery of Modern which is composed of the most contemporary works of art and boasts the largest gallery of modern art in Australia and the country's first cinematheque.

Founded way back in 1862 by the Queensland Philosophical Society, the Queensland Museum had been housed to a lot of areas in Brisbane which include The Windmill, Parliament House, General Post Office, William Street, Exhibition Hall (Old Museum) and to its present location at South Bank.

The Old Museum's key features are the life size models of Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops in the Dinosaur Garden. The current museum has the following attractions: The Museum of Tropical Queensland and The Sciencentre.

The publicly-owned State Library of Queensland has a large collection of Queensland’s documentary heritage, research collections, references and general collections such as newspapers, ephemera, music, audiovisual, electronic resources and a lot more. It also hosts public programs, exhibitions

and outreach programs. The library has experienced a lot of name changes, from being the Brisbane Public Library, to Public Library of Queensland

and to its current name.