Abseiling - Rappelling in Brisbane


If you’re one of those people who have get tired of the same old and hiking up and down routine then you should try abseiling. Abseiling is actually a derivation of German word

which means "to rope down," which is an extreme sport that is mainly the process of descending down using a rope. It is also popularly known as rappelling.


With abseiling, you can actually travel a height of twenty meters in less than twenty seconds! Abseiling is actually a base skill for caving, mountaineering and rock climbing but why not abseil just for the fun of it? Just like any other, the Brisbane area offers some of the best

place for abseiling. Two of the most popular places in Brisbane for abseiling are in the Kangaroo Point Cliffs and Glasshouse Mountains.


Riverlife Adventure Centre, which offers sessions is kayaking, cycling, rock climbing, and rollerblading, also introduces abseiling to people who are interested with the extreme sport, offering seven-day sessions in a week by qualified instructors.


A session's day of abseiling includes a safety briefing, guidance from instructors and complimentary storage for belongings. They will also be honored with the necessary equipment: helmets, gloves, harnesses and ropes.


The amazing vertical features of the Kangaroo Point Cliff serves as a good beginner's point, although it has been a popular spot for skilled and amateurs alike. For those who are really looking for a more extreme location should go straight to Glasshouse Mountains, which have been associated to the Aboriginal legend. The mountains feature variations of cliff patterns, with slopes ranging from 15 meters (nursery) to 25 meters to 50 meters (final).

abseiling, rappelling in brisbane
Abseiling in this location will be experienced in succession with regards to degree of difficulty: starting at the nursery to the 25 meters and finally, to the

50 meters, which is a good way for somebody who wants to improve their abseiling techniques. As you lower down in the Glasshouse Mountains, engulf

the beauty lies within those pine plantations, open fields and eucalyptus trees while the panoramic views of the adjacent mountains astound you.

Abseiling is considered a very dangerous sport, being a base skill to a number of other extreme sports such as rock climbing, although it has a number

of practical applications. Quarry workers, railway workers, window cleaners and other industrial and commercial workers use techniques in abseiling in performing their maintenance works. Paramedic operations, wildfire access and other form of rescue operations use abseiling techniques to easily access injured people and accident sites. Lastly, abseiling techniques are also used by the military and the police in getting through hard to reach places.

So when you decide to go abseiling one time and fell in love with it, who knows maybe your dream job might fall under the same roof of your would-be favorite sport?